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The new movements of "North Change" project, two large markets in Chenghua District have been relocated

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        After the removal of the B area in the 512 building materials market in last month, yesterday, the Chenghua District came a news that the secondary market in Balizhuang has been shut down, and the 106 shops have been relocated. Moreover, the Qing Long building materials market in Bailianchi area of Phoenix mountain will be moved to Qingbaijiang with the new name of "Qing Long International Decoration City". As we have learned, the "North Change" project contains the relocation work of more than 10 professional markets, which mainly concentrated in the Simaqiao area, the Balizhuang area and Bailianchi area in Phoenix mountain, and at present, the relocation work of 5 markets in building materials, fruits, refrigerated food have been started. And the director of Chenghua District said that shutting down and removing the unreasonable and mismanaged markets is not only the need to implement the "Five Strategies for City Improvement", but also one of the necessary means to restructure the industry.

The secondary market has been relocated, 500 million yuan RMB was introduced to build a new commercial complex

        The secondary market was located in No.54 of Balizhaung Road, which was transformed from a warehouse, covered an area of 33 acres, the secondary furniture is the main goods. However, the poor market situation, low goods level and unreasonable arrangement made most of the merchants willing to transform it. All of the 106 shops in the market had been moved till October 25th, and the secondary market in Balizhuang had been stopped.
        As known to us, this market is the first project to introduce the social capital into markets relocation in the "North Change" project. As planned, a commercial complex, which integrated shopping, entertainment, office and hotel as a whole, will be built in the former address of the secondary market. And the removing work was planned to be finished in this year, the new project will be started in March of next year, and it is expected to be completed in March, 2015.

Being moved to Qingbaijiang, the Qing Long building material market will be upgraded in the new location

        There are 4 large building material markets, as Qing Long, Qing Lian, Bai Lian and Xin Shengda, around Fusen-Nobel House. And the shops of these 4 markets are all modeled as warehouse to formed the structure of "shop in the front and warehouse in the back", as the "north change" planned, the building material markets on both sides of the Panda Avenue will be moved in succession.
        As we have learned, the new Qing Long building material market will be located in the Qingbaijiang Avenue, it will cover an area of 600,000 square meters, which is about 5 times of the former market, and it can contain more than 2000 shops, and the new market name will be the "Qing Long International Decoration City".

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