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The modern services delegation from Chongqing Jiangbei district visited Chengdu International Trade City

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The delegation visited Chengdu International Trade City

        On June 27th, Yan Ping, the secretary of Jiangbei district and the Chongqing modern services delegation visited Chengdu International Trade City to learn the experience of professional wholesale market project.
        First of all, the delegation came to the 3D movie hall to watch the 3D propaganda film, from which, they learned about the general situation and development trend of Chengdu International Trade City.

Learders in the luggage items market

        And then, the delegation visited the luggage items market and the Chinese herbal medicine market. During the visiting, Secretary Yan communicated with the market leaders and operators about the market managing experience and industrial operation situation.
        At last, the Secretary Yan said that Chengdu International Trade City has a lot of successful experience, which should be learned by the Chongqing Jiangbei district.

Leaders in the Chinese herbal medicine market

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