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Ring Expressway Is Planned to Be Transformed into a Fast Road

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Highlights, Edition 02, Chengdu Commercial Daily, Feb. 8, 2014

      This year, the Ring Expressway of Chengdu is planned to be gradually transformed into an urban fast road, so as to alleviate the sharp contradiction between insufficient road resources in Chengdu and rapid growth of traffic demand to some extent. Yesterday, based on more than 300 public opinions and advices collected and accepted in 2013, Chengdu Planning and Management Bureau sorted out 6 categories of hot issues about planning concerned by the public and uniformly gave reply.
  According to the introduction made by Chengdu Planning and Management Bureau, the Ring Expressway is planned to be gradually transformed into an urban fast road. The focus shall be put on the construction of radial fast road, connecting the three ring roads and realizing the fast switching among the three ring roads, so as to greatly lift the efficiency of urban transport. As for the construction mode of fast road, plane layout and separation of main road and auxiliary road shall be adopted in Chengdu. To solve the problem of difficult pedestrian crossing on fast road, pedestrian crossing facilities shall also be planned when all the fast roads and main roads are being planned. Two ways shall be adopted for pedestrian crossing: erecting overpasses or building underground crossing facilities combining with metro line and stations.
  At present, there is no bicycle parking area surrounding many bus stations and metro stations. So Chengdu Planning and Management Bureau put bicycle parking area construction into the planning of new metro stations and supporting planning of bicycle parking area is to be completed for the built metro stations.
  The public traffic system planning of “four networks merging into one” will be started in 2014, carrying out overall planning of metro, streetcar, bus rapid transit and bus and focusing on solving the problems of connection between those system. In addition, several switching hubs are planned to be set at the metro stations in the direction of urban area, giving convenience to the private cars to park in parking lot.

  Gu Bo, reporter from Chengdu Commercial Daily

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