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Strive to Develop Modern Services and Promote Urban Industry Transformation and Upgrading

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Strive to Develop Modern Services and Promote Urban Industry Transformation and Upgrading, Stressed by Huang Xinchu When Making Investigation on the Development of Modern Services

   Apr. 22, 2014, Chengdu Daily, Edition 01: Highlights


   At present, Chengdu is deeply implement the overall strategy of “reform and innovation, transformation and upgrading”. The modern services are the concentrated reflection of the core competitiveness of city and the central city should conscientiously implement the spirit of the 3rd Plenary Session of 12th Municipal Party Committee Meeting, seize the opportunity of industry transformation and upgrading as well as further carry out potential exploration, resource integration and key point highlight and develop all kinds of modern services, so as to continuously improve the core competitiveness of city and provide solid support for long-term development in Chengdu. The relevant departments at the municipal level shall further clear the main direction and industrial positioning for the development of modern services, requiring scientific division of labor and coordinated promotion, providing good security for relevant elements, and actively support the central city to vigorously develop high-end services and headquarters economy to maximize its leading role and comprehensive benefits.

   (Reporter: Zhang Kuiyong, Photographer: Wang Xiwei) Yesterday, Huang Xinchu, the member of Standing Committee of Provincial Committee and the Municipal Party Secretary, went to Chenghua District, Jinniu District and Qingyang District to make investigation on the development of modern services. He stressed that the central city shall conscientiously implement the spirit of the 3rd Plenary Session of 12th Municipal Party Committee Meeting, further clear the development positioning, adhere to high-end orientation, vigorously develop modern services, accelerate the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading and continuously improve the core competitiveness of city, so as to make greater contributions to build the core growth pole of western economy and construct modern internationalized metropolis.

   Chengdu Zhonglian-Xintong Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech entrepreneurial company focusing on mobile payment and mobile internet banking, mobile e-commerce product R&D and operations, which is the sole partner of China UnionPay for mobile payment in domestic system operation. After understanding the situation of enterprise R&D and operation and watching the system demonstrations such as “UnionPay mobile payment” platform and public service platform of financial IC card, etc., Huang said that those platforms are very good with strong serviceability. On the one hand, he hopes the enterprise to be brave in innovating the developing modes, constantly research and develop new products to benefit the people by finance; on the other hand, the relevant departments of government also should vigorously promote the informatization and modernization of service industry and put efforts into release more public service scopes and projects to effectively facilitate people’s daily lives based on the requirements related to comprehensively deepening reform.

   Chengdu International Trade City is the sole trade and circulation project of 50 major construction projects determined by the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” of provincial government. The project is divided into four phases, the first three have been put into operation and upon completion, CITC will accommodate 60,000 retail shops that supply 18 categories, over 1,900 lines. CITC is anticipated to become the largest and most modern local trade platform, which combines the role of R&D, production, processing, demonstration, business negotiation, trade and e-commerce in regard of general merchandise and has the widest influence on adjacent communities. After a detailed understanding of the construction and operation situation of CITC and site visit in luggage & footwear wholesale region, Huang Xinchu said that CITC orderly put the supply and requisitioning parties onto the platform for trading, eliminating the trading mess of Hehuachi and a batch of “small, scattered, disordered” wholesale market in the past, which greatly enhanced the intensification and modernization level of wholesale industry of Chengdu. In the future, CITC will further make efforts in the word “international”, that is to fully be in line with international practice in system & mechanism, operation mode and other aspects, realize common development of e-commerce and physical market and enlarge the range of commodity trading of Chengdu, so as to make CITC as a veritable “international trade city”. Relevant departments of Jinniu District and municipality should make good service to standardize the market management, and especially the smooth transportation.

   After arriving at Qingyang District E-commerce Industrial Park, Huang investigated Chengdu Lifang Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Tiandiwang Information Technology Co., Ltd. Lifang mainly undertake international digital outsourcing projects as its core business, with its works throughout more than 40 countries. Huang encouraged the enterprise which is mainly made up of young people to further strengthen the original technology R&D, enhance competitiveness and expand a broad international market. And Tiandiwang mainly provide professional information service and e-commerce trading service of Chinese herbal medicine for the industry users all over China, with its www.zyctd.comand www.zycmmt.comhaving become the largest information platform and e-commerce platform in the Chinese herbal medicine industry of China. Huang said that we shall actively create favorable conditions to support these enterprises with core competitiveness to bring their superiority into full play to continuously expand the development scale.

   During research, Huang stressed that currently, Chengdu is deeply implementing the overall strategy of “reform & innovation and transformation & upgrading”. The modern service industry is a concentrated reflection of core competitiveness of the city and the central city should seize the opportunity for industry transformation and upgrading, and further carry out potential exploration, resource integration and key point highlight and develop all kinds of modern services, so as to provide solid support for the long-term development of Chengdu. We also should accelerate the cultivation of modern finance, e-commerce, modern logistics, high-end exhibitions and other producer services, and transform and upgrade commercial wholesale, business services, tourism & catering and other traditional services, to strive to build core city of services. In particular, currently, the integration of information technology and emerging service demands is creating a lot of new service modes. The possibility of fission development is often born in these modes. We should establish the thinking of “mobile internet” and scientifically screen and carefully cultivate a group of new service modes with high-tech representing future direction of development, as the strategic direction for promoting the service economy transformation and upgrading of Chengdu.

   Huang stressed that Chengdu has been a consumer city in the history, with its total volume of retail sales of social consumer goods taking a high proportion in southwest China. The municipal departments should deeply implement the strategy of “industry upgrading” and further define the main direction and industry orientation of moder services on the basis of current work, carrying out scientific divisions, coordinated promotion, making full preparation for the protection of appropriate elements, actively supporting the central city to vigorously develop high-end services and headquarters economy, adjusting and optimizing the structure of service industry, effectively improve the output level of unit area, so as to maximize its leading role and comprehensive benefits.

   Sun Ping, Huang Jianfa and Fu Yonglin of municipal government participated in the research.

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