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The First Chengdu Consumer Goods Fair was Opened Yesterday

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The citizens are enjoying one-stop purchasing of global consumer goods

   May 1, 2014, Chengdu Commercial Daily, Edition 10: Social·Sichuan

   In the brilliant sunshine, the first Chengdu Consumer Goods Fair and the Matchmaking Symposium for Goods entering into Chengdu from Yiwu International Trade City was opened in Chengdu International Trade City yesterday. More than 30 thousand enterprises gathered here and the merchants from Yiwu were trying their best to promote high-quality products, attracting a lot of agents and citizens to come for shopping.

   Favorable policies for agents and ultra-low discount for buying global consumer goods......On the first day of the Fair, the colorful activities gave a special present for “Labor’s Day” to the agents and consumers from all over Sichuan in advance.

   This Fair will last until May 2, so the distributors who want to seek for agents and products can take action during the holiday of “Labor’s Day”; and the citizens who want to go out for shopping can hurry to Chengdu International Trade City to visit Fair, get gift and buy cheap products.

   People are enjoy shopping

   The citizens went shopping with trolley cases

   “I enjoyed shopping very much today and purchased a trolley case to carry goods.” Ms. Wang who lives at Yingmenkou went to Chengdu International Trade City to visit the Fair at 9 o’clock yesterday morning. “Hearing that there are various goods from Yiwu, I hurried to come here for shopping”, she said. There are dolls, incense, apron, ceramic knife, dishes, lamp, headwear......Ms. Wang’s hands are full of shopping bags in less than one hour, “I bought too many things to carry, but I still want to buy some other things, so I decided to buy a suitcase at the Fair to put all things in the case and continue buying”, she said with a laugh.

   2.5 yuan for high-quality towels, 9 yuan for velvet pantyhose; 150 yuan for smokeless non-stick pan whose original price is 380 yuan at the Fair site; the price for mechanical kitchen scale which are sold to dozens of yuan in shopping mall is as low as 5 yuan; 30 yuan for beautiful country-style wall clock; the price for ceramic rustless planer cutter is as cheap as 10 yuan......The high-quality consumer goods are sold at ultra-low prices and the discount provided by the exhibiting merchants greatly stimulated the enthusiasm for shopping. “The products are good and the prices are cheap, this Fair is so good.” Ms. Li bought nearly 6000 yuan of bird’s nest, “the product origin is Malaysia and the price is cheaper than market price by nearly one third. So I arrived early, fearing that good products are sold out.” Wang Qing, the merchant dealing with birds’ nest is too busy to have got time for lunch, “the business is very good. The birds’ nest is usually sold by gram but I sold a total of more than 1kg this morning.”

   It is understood that on the first day of opening Chengdu Consumer Goods Fair and the Matchmaking Symposium for Goods entering into Chengdu from Yiwu International Trade City, tens of thousands of citizens received sign-in gifts given by the organizing committee. At the site of Fair, one-yuan auction, people’s singing live show and other wonderful activities were held successively, during which the citizens play the games happily, not only getting fine prizes, but also buying brand bedding, small appliances, ceramic tableware and other products at ultra-low prices. 

   Featured products

   The charger baby can be used for massage and floor chair can be “privately customized”

   At the Fair site, the citizens can see a lot of featured products except for luggage boxes, clothes, accessories, kitchenwares and other varieties of consumer goods.

   At the very beginning of exhibition yesterday morning, the merchant Jin Haiqun from Yiwu who is located in Region 2 of CITC were very busy. Jin runs a flagship store of an electronic product company in Yiwu, with his featured product of charger baby. “Now, most of the mobile phones are smart phones, which consumes much power, so the charger baby is particularly useful.” Jin recommended new products to the citizens: the first one can be used as charger baby and wireless router, which is very suitable for travel; and the second one is even more powerful, which can be used for massage during charging.

   “Charger baby with the function of massage?” Ms. Wang is very interested in this product. Jin immediately gives a product to Wang for trial use. Just put the two massage contact pieces on the part to be massaged, the charger baby begins to massage once powered on, which make people very comfortable. Jin said that this product is especially suitable for office worker often sitting in the office. The reporter understood that several charger baby were sold only yesterday morning, said Jin, and she only took 20 charger baby to Chengdu, so the citizens who want to buy need to hurry up.

   Near Jin’s exhibition stand, a store exhibiting cloth sofa is also very attractive. The sofas sold there are without legs and the boss Mr. Mao said that they are called “floor chair”. The whole sofa seat is put on the floor, with the angle can be freely adjusted. “Adjust the back of chair to straight if you want to sit and read and lay flat the chair if you want to rest, so this product can be called ‘privately customized product’.” Mr. Mao show the adjusting methods to the citizens while introducing. In that store, there are another surprise----fan without blade. The small heart-shaped fan has no blade, cool and comfortable wind can be made after adding some water into the base and opening the power supply.

   “I see a lot of good products here today.” Mr. Zhang from Chengdu said. This Fair exhibited goods with high quality and low price, and a variety of goods exhibited in the Fair also provided a visual feast for the people.

   The last two days

   Hurry to CITC to find suitable products and buy cheap goods

   Today is the “Labor’s Day”, the first Chengdu Consumer Goods Fair and the Matchmaking Symposium for Goods entering into Chengdu from Yiwu International Trade City will last till tomorrow, so the citizens who haven’t come to the exhibition fair need to hurry up.

   Period: Apr. 30-May 2

   Addr.: Chengdu International Trade City (the main entrance of CITC next to Beixing Avenue Exit of Ring Expressway)

   Tel: 028-83585711


   Bus lines: Line 38, 46, 50, 110, 129, 527, 683, 651 or Dafeng Line 1 to Chengdu International Trade City Station;

   Free shopping bus: take opposite to Dacheng Market, Lane 3, Xiaojia Village, Hehuachi;

   Self driving route: drive through Beixing Avenue, Ring Expressway, etc. to the Fair.

   Gift: the citizens could take the DM brochure of this Fair to the consumer check-in point in the square platform area of CITC for check-in and get a beautiful gift. There are thousands of gifts for each day till all are given out; and the citizens also can scan the two-dimension code of official Wechat platform of CITC to get the opportunity to win iphone5S and other surprised prizes; in addition, the organizing committee held “one-yuan auction”, “people’s singing live show” and other wonderful activities to make the citizens enjoy shopping during the holidays of “Labor’s Day”.

   Peng Yaxing, Reporter of Chengdu Commercial daily, Liu Youli

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