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“Striving to be” the Nation’s Top The First Chengdu Consumer Goods Fair is about to be Grandly Opened

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Striving to build globalized consumer goods fair

   An exclusive interview with Shou Jianhong, the president of Yisha Chengdu International Trade City Co., Ltd.

   April. 29, 2014, Western China Metropolis Daily, Edition a08

   The first Chengdu Consumer Goods Fair and the Matchmaking Symposium for Goods entering into Chengdu from Yiwu International Trade City will be grandly opened in Chengdu International Trade City. More than 30 thousand of merchants from all over the world will exhibit tens of thousands of global consumer goods with high quality at low price. This unprecedented event of trade industry coincides with the holidays of “May Day”, which is bound to build a “Carnival Season” for the consumers in Chengdu. The public information issued by the Ministry of Commerce of the P.R.C. shows that as of now, there are only one consumer goods fair, that is the Yiwu Consumer Goods Fair held in Yiwu, Zhejiang, which is highly influential among the purchasers all over the world. And the first Chengdu Consumer Goods Fair (referred to as “CCGF”) which will be opened tomorrow is with benchmarking significance for Chengdu, and even the whole Midwest China. Why does a trade market spend spend a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources without hesitation to establish such a large-scale consumer goods fair, so as to load the dream of a city? Yesterday, our reporter interviewed with Mr. Shou Jianhong, the president of Yisha Chengdu International Trade City Co., Ltd.

A fair: striving to exercise an influence on the consuming of global consumer goods

   West China Metropolis Daily: “Establish a never-ending 365-day fair!” This is the targeting and also the best results of CITC at the beginning of building in 2007. Now, the design on the planning drawings has become an internationalized and modernized trade market. So Mr. Shou, has the targeting at the beginning of building changed? Shou Jianhong: wholeheartedly build market and perseveringly be dedicated to industry is the fine tradition of merchants from Zhejiang. The targeting of “establish a never-ending 365-day fair!”, which was determined when we began to invest in Sichuan, is the ideal of CITC and also our constant pursuit. Now, CITC has become the most important trade center having an influence on the whole Midwest China and we have taken a very solid step towards our initial targeting. Moreover, this targeting will not be changed, only be more determined.

   West China Metropolis Daily: Great oaks from little acorns grow, so the targeting of “establish a never-ending 365-day fair!” can be said to be a long-term goal, which will not be accomplished in an action. So Mr. Shou, what are the plans made by CITC to achieve this long-term goal? Shou Jianhong: we know very well about “Rome was not built in a day”. We have cleared about the development road of CITC at the time of preparation for the project. The first is sticking to the strategy of “rooting in Chengdu”, because we think the market potential of West China is huge and Chengdu’s radiating and leading ability to Midwest China is strong; the second is “building carrier”, well build and develop CITC and establish a good carrier for the target achieving; and the final one is “branding”, regularly hold Chengdu Consumer Goods Fair, South Asian Goods Fair and Clothing Fair and so on to achieve “many small victories add up to a big one”, so as to gradually achieve the targeting of “establish a never-ending 365-day fair”.

   West China Metropolis Daily: the modern trade cannot do without professional trade fairs and the World Expo with long history is renowned all over the world; in China, the Canton Fair has already become an important fair which can exercise influence on the whole world; and in the field of consumer goods, the China Yiwu International Commodities Fair held in Yiwu, Zhejiang is also influential. So Mr. Shou, why do you put so much manpower, material and financial resources to hold consumer goods fair in Chengdu? Shou Jianhong: Fairs are usually held by the government, such as Shanghai World Expo, both of the central government and Shanghai municipal government put a lot of manpower, material and financial resources for it. But CITC, as only a project, spent heavily to build the first Chengdu Consumer Goods Fair. Many people do not understand this, but what I want to tell you is CITC is meant to tell the citizens of Chengdu, the consumers in Sichuan, the purchasers of whole West China and even all over the world by such practical action that we are building market wholeheartedly and are dedicated to industry perseveringly. What we are doing is giving benefits to the consumers and the purchasers; and we are establishing a brand and prepared to build a “century-old store”.

   West China Metropolis Daily: as “Chengdu Consumer Goods Fair” is a new brand, what will CITC do to build this brand? Shou Jianhong: we will focus on “open up domestic trade and foreign trade”. First, we will open up the main channel for domestic trade depending on Yiwu. Tomorrow, more than 1000 merchants from Yiwu International Trade City will bring a variety of advantageous goods to exhibit in CITC and bring products with preferential agent policies, high quality and cheap prices to land in Chengdu market. This is because the foreign trade is affected by the changes in international trade, and many enterprises are determined to realize new growth by expanding domestic trade. We want to seize this opportunity to have the eastern products enter into Chengdu with growing consuming and strong demand and even the markets of Midwest China by holding Chengdu Consumer Goods Fair. Second, we will help the merchants from Chengdu “borrowing ship to go to sea”. The “Matchmaking Symposium for Goods entering into Chengdu from Yiwu International Trade City” held during this Fair will help to have more well-known brands of consumer goods from Yiwu, so as to realize deep communication and cooperation in several fields between the two major giants of trade market from eastern and western China and promote the accelerated transition from traditional trade to modern trade of Chengdu. Meanwhile, Chengdu also can find more channels to go international and better open the international market through Yiwu, so as to have CITC go out of western China and expand to eastern China and all over the world.

   West China Metropolis Daily: in your opinion, will the “Chengdu Consumer Goods Fair” achieve great success? Shou Jianhong: the rise of a fair will certainly drive a large number of industries, and even a city or a region. Chengdu will achieve this like Yiwu. We hope to build the “Chengdu Consumer Goods Fair” to be an event which can be comparable with Canton Fair with the strong support of governments at all levels and all sectors of the society.

A good platform: gather global commodities trading in Chengdu

   West China Metropolis Daily: at the beginning of establishment, CITC also set another goal: “striving to promote the transformation and upgrading from traditional trade to modern trade of western China”. So Mr. Shou, how much of the goal was realized? Shou Jianhong, promoting the transformation and upgrading from traditional trade to moder trade of western China requires for a internationalized and modernized platform, and CITC is such a good platform, which has had a considerable size, exerting influence on the modern trade market of the whole Midwest China.

   West China Metropolis Daily: in order to well build the platform, CITC will put a huge investment of hundreds of billions. As an investor, how do you control the risk? Shou Jianhong, Chengdu, as the political, economical, cultural and financial center of western China’s tradition, there are a gathering of talents and merchants and there more than 20 countries and regions trading with Chengdu. But there is no matching trade market located in Chengdu and the small, scattered and disordered traditional markets greatly restricted the development of trade in Chengdu. As such a large city, it is impossible for Chengdu to have the markets to be in a pattern with low level of competition for a long time. The rise of CITC conforms to the trend of times and bears the task of building western trade center in Chengdu, which will certainly become a gathering place for the merchants who are determined to conduct transformation and upgrading and achieve steady and significant development.

   West China Metropolis Daily: in order to achieve this goal, what did CITC do? Shou Jianhong: CITC has changed the status of small, disordered and scattered wholesale markets of consumer goods in Chengdu by its forward-looking layout planning and scientific management. From the releasing of first index of Chinese herbal medicine in China, to the providing 2000 free stores to cultivate new Sichuan merchants and then to the holding of the first Chengdu Consumer Goods Fair, we are accelerating the promotion of transformation and upgrading from traditional trade to modern trade of Chengdu and even the whole Sichuan by establishing modernized platform.

   West China Metropolis Daily: in this series of initiatives, what do you think is the most successful? Would you please give a successful case? Shou Jianhong: in my opinion, what we should do is “ building nest to direct phoenix”. We not only made comprehensive upgrading in market functions, hardware facilities and other aspects, but also use advanced operation concepts to promote the development of industry and accelerate the market prosperity during the market operation, in order to comprehensively promote the brand influence and trading volume of the market. In Aug. 2009, Hehuachi Chinese Herbal Medicine Market, which is the phase I project of CITC, started operation; and in Apr. 2010, the first index of Chinese herbal medicine in China was given birth here, and then it was released to the whole world by the Ministry of Commerce of P.R.C. exerting influence on the prices of Chinese herbal medicine all over the world----this is the first state-level commodity index in western China, which marks Chengdu has the right to speak in the price trend of Chinese herbal medicine industry; In May, 2011, the pilot work for traceability of Chinese herbal medicine was officially launched. Ensure the quality of raw material of Chinese herbal medicine by effective supervision of planting, production and circulation of Chinese herbal medicine......This series of innovation and initiatives helped the Hehuachi Chinese Herbal Medicine Market of CITC becoming larger and stronger, which has gradually become the cultivating center, price formation center and standard setting center of national Chinese herbal medicine market. The promotion of market brand attracted more and more purchasers and by the end of 2013, the trading volume reached more than 30 billion yuan, with the trading volume of the original Chengdu Hehuachi Chinese Herbal Medicine Market increased by tenfold in just three years and the brand became widely known in South Korea and Japan. It is worth mentioning that an enterprise from South Korea has signed an order of 2 billion yuan after making a market research last year, which is equivalent to the trading volume of nearly one year of the original Chengdu Hehuachi Chinese Herbal Medicine Market.

   West China Metropolis Daily: “Buy global goods and sell goods to the whole world” is a very resounding slogan of CITC. Why does CITC, which is located in the western inland, make such a slogan? Shou Jianhong: “buy global goods and sell goods to the whole world” is a basic requirement to a modern trade center in the main trend of internationalization. And Chengdu, which is experiencing rapid development, has been provided with the basis of “buy global goods and sell goods to the whole world” and CITC is just the best carrier to realize this goal. We will build nest to direct phoenix by our continuous development and unremitting efforts to gradually attract and gather more and more merchants to trade in Chengdu based on “a never-ending 365-day fair” as well as help more goods of Chengdu and western China to be sold all over China and the world from here!

   Reporter: Luo Qin

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