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Chengdu is Favored by the International Exhibition Giant again and a World-class Exhibition Brand will be Built together

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 The world’s second largest exhibition company signed a strategic cooperation memorandum of understanding with Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Exposition

   May 30, 2014, Chengdu Daily, Highlights, Edition 01

   It is reported (Reporter: Yin Tingting) that during the Third China (Beijing) International Fair for Trade in Services, the world’s second largest exhibition company UBM Live and Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Exposition signed a strategic cooperation memorandum of understanding yesterday. According to the agreement, both parties will strengthen all-round cooperation in exhibition business, including the communication and exchange of information about international exhibition market, the communication and training of management and business personnel from both parties, relevant exhibition held under cooperation of both parties in Chengdu and so on.. This strategic cooperation memorandum of understanding signed with UBM Live is another handshake between Chengdu and renowned exhibition company, after the cooperation with Koelnmesse GmbH (China) and Reed Exhibitions.

   Mu Tao, the Director of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Exposition, said in an interview that the exhibition economy of Chengdu took a leading position in Midwest China, but there is still a big gap to build famous city of international exhibition. “Internationalization is the gap between exhibition industry in Chengdu and other international and domestic first-tier exhibition city, which is also our potential for development. Strengthening the strategic cooperation with the internationally renowned exhibition companies is the specific initiatives for further enhancing the awareness of progress, opportunity and responsibility, accelerating development and innovative development after the ‘breakthrough year of international exhibition in Chengdu’.” The establishment of the partnerships will help Chengdu to share the information platform and high-quality resources of the international exhibition giants and gain the opportunity to bring in more international exhibitions, so as to further expand the international cooperation of exhibition industry and accelerate the construction of Chinese exhibition city with international influence.”

   UBM Live said that the signing of cooperation agreement meant that their strategies in Western China had taken a solid step and in future, they will increase the investment in Chengdu and hope to explore the exhibition projects suitable for the industry characteristics and resource advantages of Chengdu by close cooperation with Chengdu and build world-class exhibition brand.

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