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24 Roads in Jinniu District will be Completed in Next Two Years

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May 30, 2014, Chengdu Commercial Daily (Electronic Edition), Highlights, Edition 05:

It is reported by Chengdu Commercial Daily (Reporter: Liu Youli) that yesterday afternoon, Jinniu District held a symposium attended by management team representatives from excellent enterprises and high-level leading talent representatives, notifying various results of “North Reconstruction” in the past two years and the “North Reconstruction” projects being promoted in 2014. It is revealed that in the next two years, 19 new roads and 5 reconstructed roads in Jinniu District will be completed. By then, the road network density in Jinniu District of “North reconstruction” area will reach 4.39km/, close to the average of central city.

For more than two years after “North Reconstruction”, 41 infrastructure construction projects of roads has been implemented in Jinniu District, with the total investment of 15.5 billion yuan, which is more than the total in the past 10 years. Meanwhile, Jinniu District also implemented 60 major industrial projects with total investment of 127.8 billion yuan, successively relocated 12 traditional professional markets including Jinniu District Hehuachi Market, etc. and 11 freight stations. The backward allocation of productive force in the north of the city was adjusted fast. A total of 35 shanty town relocation and demolish projects was implemented and more than 2300 thousand square meters of dangerous and old builds was removed, which broke the scale and speed of shanty town reconstruction in central city. Among them, the project site for 6 old town reconstruction projects including the shanty town in Sec. 2, Jiefang Road, Weimin Road, West Guangrong Road has already been listed.

This year, Jinniu District is accelerating the promotion of 235 “North Reconstruction” projects with the planned annual investment of 32.3 billion yuan.

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