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The College Student Pioneer Park of Western China will be Built in Chengdu

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   Xinhua Daily Telegraph Concerns about the Employment Support Policies of Chengdu

   The College Student Pioneer Park of Western China will be Built in Chengdu

   Have the College Students pursue their Career in the Market

   May 31, 2014, Chengdu Commercial Daily, Edition 03: Highlights

   There are 7.27 million college graduates in 2014, which is nearly 300 thousand more than that in last year, creating a new record.

   In some parts of Western China, in order to encourage the college students to start business, a series of employment support policies were made. Recently, the reporter learned from CITC that they will provide 2000 stores for the college students from all over China and plan to provide 1000 to 2000 stores or stalls every year in future to help the college students to start business.

   According to the person in charge from CITC, in order to meet the needs of 2000 college student entrepreneurial teams, CITC carried out substantial expansion to the original area of college student pioneer park, to spare no effort to support the entrepreneurship of college students and the total construction area of the entire area will be larger than 80,000 square meters.

   “We help the college students with their entrepreneurship, is not simply to build a college student pioneer park, but to have the students struggle to pursue their career in the market, so that the college students can grow and go to success faster.” said Shou Jianhong, the President of CITC.

   In the eyes of Shou Jianhong, the core to deal with trade, especially modern trade, is talent and more talents dealing with modern new international trade are necessary for the transformation from traditional trade to moder trade.

   In addition, “the introduction of college students also injected fresh blood for CITC, which effectively promoted the transformation of market to modern trade.” said Shou Jianhong.

   To help the college students to start business, CITC not only provide nearly 2000 stores every year (about rent subsidies of nearly 100 million yuan), but also issued a series of support policies and cooperated with banks and other relevant organizations, so as to provide “one-stop” service for the college students.

   At the same time, the college students can also enjoy various supports for entrepreneurship. “The value of private enterprises needs to be respected and recognized by the society.” said Shou Jianhong, “after an enterprise becomes bigger and stronger, the standard to measure the enterprise is good or bad is not how much money it has made, but whether the enterprise played an important role in the economic and social development and whether it made a positive contribution to the society. Sustainability is important for the development of enterprises and giving more ‘benefits’ back to the society is the only way for sustainable development.”

   Xinhua Daily Telegraph, May 30, Edition 5

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