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Chengdu Accelerate the Building of Trade Logistics Center

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   Source: Sichuan Reporter Station, China Daily

   As the most important city in Southwest China, Chengdu has inherent advantages and huge development potential in the field of trade and logistics.

   It is raised in “Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Core City of Service Industry” (hereinafter referred to as “Opinions”) that taking building regional and international trade center city, regional logistic center city and internationalized consumption destination city as the main power exerting point, Chengdu will promote the trade and logistics industry to a new height and the transformation and upgrading of service industry of Chengdu.

   The upgrading of traditional trade

   It is raised in “Opinions” that Chengdu should strengthen the price discovery, port distribution, transaction services, operation control, information distribution and other high-end services of modern trade, speed up the building of a batch of international bulk commodity trade platform and comprehensive service platform for international trade, as well as build world-class mobile e-commerce industry base, so as to accelerate the construction of center city of international procurement transaction and Western-China service trade and model city of national e-commerce.

   CITC, which was started construction in 2008, is the leading project for “North Reconstruction” of Chengdu, with a total area of 2090mu and total investment of 14.5 billion yuan.

   According to Yu Li, the General Manager Assistant of Yisha Chengdu International Trade City Co., Ltd., CITC aims to build become the largest and most modern comprehensive trade platform, which combines the role of R&D, production, processing, demonstration, business negotiation, trade and e-commerce in regard of general merchandise and has the widest influence on adjacent communities.

   According to the development plan of CITC, the core of its construction lies in integrating the consumer goods wholesale markets of Midwest China, to gradually become the development engine of consumer goods industry.

   In the filed of retail trade, some large-scale high-end commercial complex were successively put into use. Chengdu International Financial Center (Chengdu IFS for short), with total investment of 16 billion yuan, was opened earlier this year, becoming the new landmark of Chunxi Road business area of Chengdu.

   Regional economic development is driven by logistics

   Taking CITC as an example, its development rely on the highway logistics center with the largest scale in Chengdu (Xindu Logistics Center), the largest railway container logistics center in Asia (Qingbaijiang Logistics Center) and the largest airport in Western China (Shuangliu International Airport). The smooth road, railway and airport logistics is the necessary condition for the development of CITC.

   “The logistics industry is both the forerunner industry and basic industry for the development of regional economy,” according to Sun Fangming, the General Manager of Sichuan Region of Transfar road port.

   Chengdu Transfar road port was started operation in May, 2009. As of 2013, there were more than 2000 medium, small and micro logistics enterprises settled in to provide services for more than 50000 manufacturing and trading enterprises in Chengdu and the areas surrounding Chengdu.

   Last year, Chengdu Transfar opened more than 40 “expresses between road ports” and accelerating the construction of “road port” online transaction platform.

   For the construction of railway, the international railway freight train “Chengdu-Europe Express”, started from Chengdu, through Alataw Pass to Europe (Poland), was officially opened in April last year. There is one shift in one week, and 44 shifts was operated as of April 30 this year.

   For the construction of air routes, 4 international nonstop flights from Chengdu to Melbourne, Frankfurt, Doha and London were added in 2013, thus far, there has been 23 international nonstop passenger air routes and 9 freight cargo air routes opened.

   According to relevant person in charge from Chengdu Logistics Office, in addition to the construction of logistics parks (centers) and logistics channel, Chengdu will also continue to make efforts to building port service system, city logistics system, public information service platform for smart logistics, etc., to from a logistics system with regional competitiveness, national influence and international influence.

   Sichuan Reporter Station: Li Yu, Peng Chao

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