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The Second Chengdu Consumer Goods Fair Came to a Perfect Ending

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The exhibited goods worth 300 million yuan were snapped up and more than four out of ten merchants participating the exhibition signed orders of 4.5 billion yuan
The second Chengdu Consumer Goods Fair came to a perfect ending and will be held in Chengdu International Trade City regularly every year



From Sep. 30 to Oct. 6 in 2014, the second Chengdu Consumer Goods Fair was grandly held in Chengdu International Trade City. The fair was sponsored by Chengdu Municipal Government and Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce and was undertook by Chengdu Bureau of Commerce and Jinniu District People’s Government and was executed by Chengdu Association for Foreign Economic Trade Cooperation and Yisha Chengdu International Trade City. The area for exhibition reached over 2.2 million square meters. There are more than 30 thousand merchants participating the Fair and 18 categories of products belonging to more than 19 thousand kinds were exhibited.

Scale makes “fusion”
The fair with unprecedented scale involves six major professional markets
In the theory of modern consumption economics, the word “scale” is an unavoidable keyword. Comparing with investment and exports, consumption, as one of the “three wagon” driving the national economy, is closer to people. Demographic dividend can be reflected by scale effect more easily. The second Chengdu Consumer Goods Fair just endows these favorable climatic, geographic and human conditions.
Features highlight character
Sichuan specialties were exhibited for the first time and “China dream” was integrated into consumer goods
Consumer goods fairs are continuously held around the world every year with their own characteristics and highlights. Then, what are the features of Chengdu Consumer Goods Fair? And characters? It is worth mentioning that Sichuan embroidery, clothing, bedding and decorative items from Chengdu and Mianzhu new year pictures, Qingshen bamboo weaving and many other products with local features from Sichuan province was exhibited in this fair for the first time, becoming the focus of many businessmen. Among them, Sichuan embroidery and other products with local features of Sichuan are expected to be sold overseas by “borrowed ship”, namely, the products will be sold directly in eastern China and South Asia and other international markets through market window of Yiwu, Guangzhou, etc.
Cooperation makes great achievements
Cooperation orders of 4.5 billion yuan were signed and more than four out of ten exhibitors “matched” successively
During the second Chengdu Consumer Goods Fair, more than 800,000 consumers came to the exhibition for shopping and about 35 thousand professional visitors attended the procurement and discussed cooperation. This fair provided professional and effective platform for the trade exchanges and cooperation in eastern and western China and at home and abroad.

Platform shows potential
“Window effect” appears and Chengdu will achieve “buying global products at home”
The “window effect” of the second Chengdu Consumer Goods Fair is more apparent and the exhibitors and professional visitors can directly feel the huge market potential, consumptive power of center city in western China and the radiating power, resource gathering capability in the field of commerce flows through this platform, strengthening their confidence to enter into Chengdu to develop western market.
Further reading
The Consumer Goods Fair will be upgraded as a brand fair of Sichuan and regularly held in Chengdu International Trade City every year
Various cities and states in Sichuan will participate into undertaking and more “made -in-Sichuan” goods will be exhibited in Consumer Goods Fair.

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