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Market Upgrading 97 Old Markets Located within the Range of 3rd Road will be Relocated and Reconstructed by the year of 2017

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The traffic and city appearance of old markets will be strictly controlled for long term in future



Dec. 10, 2014 Chengdu Commercial Daily Edition 05 Highlights



According to the overall deployment of ten actions including “four reconstruction & six governance” and relevant reconstruction programs: from 2014 to 2017, 97 old markets located within the range of 3rd road in Chengdu will be relocated and reconstructed. 30% of the overall reconstruction target will be completed in this year and the next.

Shutdown & upgrading & transformation

Promoting relocation & reconstruction by three methods

According to the requirements specified in special work program, Chengdu will take no bulk spot trading and logistics operations will be retained in the old goods wholesale markets located within the range of 3rd road and central city, the implementation of function moving outwards and relocation & reconstruction as the overall mission, striving to promote the relocation and reconstruction of 97 old markets located within the range of 3rd road and central city from 2014 to 2017 by various methods including easy things first, in accordance with the laws, combination of blocking and unchoking.


Favorable regulation promoting innovation

Promoting relocation & reconstruction of old markets

The reporter from Chengdu Commercial Daily noticed that for the relocation of old markets, it is specially raised in the work program that “leading the relocation & reconstruction of old markets by favorable policies”, intensifying financial support and policy support and putting part of funding for municipal services into market relocation & reconstruction projects for 4 consecutive years. And propose favorable support policies for old market relocation & reconstruction in the links of integrated land use, project application, housing acquisition, financial preference and so on.


Implementation in districts and counties

Jinniu District: 9 old markets are planned to be reconstructed in the next year

After the shutdown and relocation of Hehuachi market of Jinniu District, 8 traditional professional markets including North Railway Station Market, Rongbei Market, Fuhe River Bridge Snack foods Market and so on were closed and relocated by Jinniu District in 2014 so that the market shutdown & relocation has entered into “deep zone”. 9 old markets are proposed to be reconstructed in 2015.


Chengdu District: 4500 businesses in Simaqiao has been relocated

In 2014, 4 fruit markets located in Simaqiao, Lianyi, Balizhuang and Xingshujun of Chenghua District has been fully closed and relocated and 2 frozen goods markets located in Xingshujun and Haixing has been closed and relocated; the Balizhuang grain market has been partially dismantled for subway land; the 512 building material market has been fully dismantled and relocated and the the project construction has been started. Up to now, there are a total of 4500 businesses from markets in Simaqiao area of Chenghua District has been relocated, vacating 833mu of land and promoting the formation of 7 planned markets in Pengzhou, Pixian County, Shuangliu, Xindu, Qingbaijiang and so on.



Wuhou District: accelerate the reconstruction of old businesses located in Hongpailou

Hongpailou trading area is a famous place gathering traditional businesses and also one of the six sub-centers planned and constructed by Chengdu. This area has the resource advantages of popularity, subway, airport and so on. According to the person in charge of Wuhou District, there are three categories of old commercial markets located in Hongpailou trading area, namely, automobile accessory market represented by Penghui Famous car Plaza, leather market represented by Hongpailou leather processing zone and comprehensive market represented by Hongpailou Commercial Plaza.

 Yesterday, the reporter from Chengdu Commercial Daily also visited North Railway Station Dongyi Road, Dong’er Road and Xiaojia Village Lane 4, one-way traffic is implemented in that area. However, the reporter found that it is difficult for cars to pass due to the people from various places, tricycles and electronic bikes. And the snack food stalls are placed on both sides of the road, which causes serious traffic jam. Inside and outside the shops, the customers and the merchants are bargaining, crying. Many merchants put their goods shelf at their shop gates. Now, all the merchants are also following the low-end trading mode of “cash-spot goods-site”. It is introduced that this market was built in the early 80s of last century, which was built earliest in Hehuachi area and gained high popularity in China and even in Southeast Asia. This market created lots of millionaires, who was the first group of people getting rich in Chengdu and even in Sichuan.


After the two markets was closed, the traffic is much more smooth.

Rongbei Market and North Railway Station Market were closed

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter from Chengdu Commercial Daily came to the closed North Railway Market and Rongbei Market. These two markets are located between North Railway Xiyi Lane and Xi’er Lane and were built in the early 80s of last century with their property right belonging to Jinniu District. Jinniu District closed the two markets due to the old hardware facilities, low-end type of business and outstanding fire hazard according to law.


Chengdu Commercial Daily Reporter: Liu Youli, Yuan Yong

Press Photographer: Lu Xianglong

Photography intern: Long Yuren


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