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Chengdu will Strive to Complete the Relocation and Reconstruction of 97 Old Markets in the next Four Years

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Closing, upgrading or transformation of old markets

Led by the general idea of “closing & relocation, reconstruction & upgrading and transformation & development”, it is clearly proposed in “Special Work Program for Reconstruction of Old Markets in Chengdu” (Program) that we will strive to complete the relocation and reconstruction of 97 old markets located within 3rd Ring Road of central city by the manner of “classification and one policy for one market” in about four years. 30% of overall objective shall be completed from 2014 to 2015 and 70% of which shall be completed from 2016 to 2017.

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce that the leading groups for work promotion of municipal and district level was set up formally and the relevant departments are further refining the “Program” to ensure the implementation.


The old markets will be divided into three batches, each of which will be reconstructed by three categories of methods

According to the “Program” issued this time, we will divide the old markets into three batches based on operation types, software and hardware facilities and other conditions in the principle of “coordinating deployment, echelon promotion, linkage of municipality and district, district-based, stable &orderly, controllable risk, etc.”. Three categories of methods for relocation and reconstruction including closing & relocation, reconstruction & upgrading, transition & development will be respectively adopted for each batch.

Among them, the markets with poor facilities, chaotic environment and order, low operating efficiency which seriously affect the appearance of city, urban transportation and living environment and other markets which do not meet the needs for the development of central city and industry will be closed, and the business will be led to be relocated in the planned undertaking markets; for the professional markets which can meet the development plan of city and industry, transfer the spot good wholesale, logistics and distribution operations and other business types to the undertaking area and logistics parks and reconstructed upgrade the markets into commercial buildings or trade headquarters for trading, warehouse receipt transactions, e-commerce; and the building-type professional markets with complete hardware conditions and supporting facilities, which are located in city retail trading area, can be reconstructed and transformed into retail business, business services, culture&entertainment, dining&accommodation and other business types. 

Specifically, the first batch of markets includes Hehuachi area, Yanshikou, Parachute tower & Moziqiao area; the second batch include Wukuaishi, Hehuachi, Simaqiao, Erxianqiao, City God Temple, Fuheqiao, Hongpailou area; and the third batch include Jinfu means of production market, West China Shoes Center and so on.

The general task of old market reconstruction is no block spot good trading and logistics operations will be operated in the old good wholesale market located in central city within the 3rd Ring Road and function moving outside and relocation & reconstruction will be realized. Promote relocation & reconstruction by various methods including easier issues first, complying with laws and regulations, combination of blocking and dredging and so on.

According to the responsible person of Municipal Bureau of Commerce, several functional departments and subjects of law enforcement from municipality and district are involved in old good wholesale market relocation and reconstruction. The old markets located in central city will be regulated strongly and regularly and strictly controlled for long term generally in the principle of “linkage between municipality and district, district based, decentralization and coordination”. The closed old markets will be regulated for relocation and reconstruction by regulations and special renovation will be carried out focusing on the five directions including traffic order, illegal construction, city appearance and order, fire safety and regulation system. The method of “area definition, strict prevention and control and centralized governance” will be adopted for the areas full of markets within the 3rd Ring Road; for the “three-in-one” phenomenon of living, warehouses and shops formed by building shared by markets and hotels, reconstruction to be market is prohibited; the various markets and the basement, parking lot for operating markets opened by changing building using nature will be closed and punished and recovered and the illegal constructions located in the markets will be demolished according to law; the phenomenon including roadside stall business, roadside good storage, rubbish dumping will be regulated and the illegal behavior violating city management will be strictly punished; establish and improve market supervision mechanism, focus on the key markets located in key areas and fields and implement market supervision responsibility and accountability system.

According to the requirements of “integration of production and city”, in the market undertaking area planned by the municipality and especially the northern functional areas, accelerate the construction of schools, hospitals, stations and other supporting projects and the construction of water & electricity supply, road (bridge), logistics, living facilities, rail transportation and other infrastructure projects in the undertaking area, so as to enhance the industrial carrying capacity of the undertaking area.


Currently, 8 professional markets are closed, and a total of more than 5200 businesses are relocated and more than 40,000 employees are reassigned, vacating 833mu of “prime developing area”, effectively promoting the transformation and upgrading of city, industrial gradient transfer and integrative development of circles.



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