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The reconstruction project of Hehuachi Market will begin after early preparation

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Next year, the “North Reconstruction” project of Chengdu will continue reconstructing backbone road network and the West Extension Line of Xingcheng Avenue will start building

Kang Diaoting, the reporter from Tianfu Morning Post

On 23rd, the reporter from Tianfu Morning Post learnt from Chengdu “North Reconstruction” Office that in 2014, the city appearance, type of business, ecological and cultural state of the reconstructed areas were upgraded and improved, so the intended target of producing results in three years was basically realized.

In 2015, the “North Reconstruction” project will continue focusing on constructing backbone road network including constructing a batch of road projects, start building the West Extension Line of Xingcheng Avenue and other backbone roads included in the “North Reconstruction” project, so as to basically form the backbone road network.

Smooth traffic in North Chengdu  15.4 km of road will be built this year

In 2014, the Chengdu “North Reconstruction” Office were striving to build “Smooth North”. 15.4 km of road was newly built. 9 dead-end roads were broken through and 10 roads were reconstructed, totaling 28km.
Currently, Line A of Jinliang Road project connecting Yangxi Line and old Chengdu-Dujiangyan Road will form traffic capacity on Nov. 10 while Line B is under construction and will form traffic capacity by the end of this year; the newly-built flyover crossing 3rd Road between 2nd Donglin Road and 5th Zhili Road located at Chengtou section of CRH 30 line has been built basically and will be open to traffic by the end of this year, which will fully optimize the road network surrounding Panda Avenue; the main works south of Chenghua section of CRH 30 line has been completed; the construction project of Sanhe Avenue Eastern section and the rehabilitation project of Jiulidi South Road, Middle Road and North Road is under construction and will be completed during this year; and the construction project of Wangjia Road-Yimao Avenue, Limin Road has been started.

Program for the next year

In 2015, for the construction of “North Reconstruction” backbone road network, the “North Reconstruction” Office will focus on infrastructure construction.
In addition to continue the construction of Phoenix Mountain viaduct and Phoenix Mountain Road, Jinliang Road, Jinfu Road, the 5th Zhili Road-the 2nd Donglin Road, Wangjia Road-Yimao Avenue, Limin Road, Renmintang Road, the tunnel beneath Zhili Road and so on, Wanshi Road (Beltway section), Shengfa Street (formerly Xiaoyuan Road) has been basically completed; a batch of “North Reconstruction” road projects will be newly started, including the West Extension Line of Xingcheng Avenue and other backbone roads included in “North Reconstruction”, so as to basically form the backbone road network.

Industrial upgrading 10 key newly-built industrial projects

This year, on the aspect of key industrial upgrading, Chengdu “North Reconstruction” Office closed 9 markets through the year and relocated 8320 businesses, vacating 998mu of land. There are a total of 34 key industrial projects, including 10 newly-built projects and 24 continued construction project and an investment of about 7.67 billion yuan has been completed, with year-on-year growth of 118%.

At present, the buildings in Region B of Phase I project of China Railway Rail Transit High-tech Industrial Park will be built; Rongbei Market and North Railway Station Market has been completed; the early preparation for reconstruction project of Hehuachi Market is being done. 8 professional markets located in Simaqiao area in Chenghua District were closed and relocated; Jiangjunbei plot flatting of Phoenix Mountain (IKEA North Branch) has been completed; the overall relocation project of Balizhuang Grain & Oil market and Balizhuang Fruit Wholesale Market has been shut down and the relocated program has been developed and the businesses are being relocated; 512 Building Material Market project (Tongruilongdi), Happy living & Beautiful Home Square project, Beautiful Household Building Material Decoration & Furniture Economic city and other projects were pushed smoothly.

Program for the next year
In 2015, the “North Reconstruction” Office will continue promoting the shutdown & relocation, upgrading & reconstruction and transformation & development of traditional industries.
Accelerate the construction of North Complex of Tianle Group, Tianfu OCT main tourist area of Jinniu District, Chenghua RBD commercial complex project, International Market of Fusenmei Household Goods Market, China Merchants· Yonghuafu and other projects.

From Tianfu Post, December 24, 2014


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