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About 30,000 businesses were relocated during “North Reconstruction” in the past three years and the reconstruction of Hehuachi Market is ready to be started

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Today, the reporter of learnt from Chengdu “North Reconstruction” Office that in 2014, the city appearance, type of business, ecological and cultural state of the reconstructed areas were upgraded and improved, so the intended target of producing results in three years was basically realized.

It is understood that until now, a total investment of about 175.2 billion yuan has been completed with in the areas for “North Reconstruction”, 42 thousand mu of land was sorted with relocated construction area of 20.7 million square meters and 7056mu of land going to market.

Until November in 2014, there are 589 projects under implementation within the “North Reconstruction” area and 76.7 billion yuan is planned to be invested through the year.

In terms of infrastructure construction, strive to build “Smooth North”. 15.4 km of road was newly built. 9 dead-end roads were broken through and 10 roads were reconstructed, totaling 28km.

In terms of old city reconstruction, 890,000 square meters were relocated through the year and 4764 families signed resettlement & compensation agreement with 1720mu of land within the “North Reconstruction” area sorted and 1054mu of land going to market.

On the aspect of public supporting facility construction, there are a total of 10 key projects at municipal level for public supporting facility. Among them, there are 6 newly-built projects and 4 continued construction projects. As of November, an investment of 920 million yuan has been completed, with year-on-year growth of 139%.

On the aspect of key industry upgrading, 9 markets were closed through the year and 8230 businesses were relocated, vacating 998mu of land. There are a total of 34 key industrial projects, including 10 newly-built projects and 24 continued construction project and an investment of about 7.67 billion yuan has been completed, with year-on-year growth of 118%.

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