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7 markets located in Chengdu will be upgraded and transformed in three years Taihua and Shangdu, as the first batch, will be reconstructed in 2015

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On 4th, the reporter of learnt from relevant departments of Jinjiang District that recently, Jinjiang District will strive to conduct reconstruction, upgrading, transformation and development in 7 markets including Taihua, Shangdu, Jiulong in about 3 years based on the work idea of “reconstructing in batches and transformation & upgrading”, in the principle of being led by government, participated by enterprises and operated by market.

In order to change the status of old markets, Jinjiang District set up a leading group to promote market reconstruction, carry out investigation on old markets within the district, conduct adjustment on the existing type of business and brand by the manner of being led by government and participated by enterprises and lead the enterprises to shift from the traditional type of business engaged in only wholesale or wholesale & retail to integrated store covering exhibition center, e-business, trade headquarter. Strengthen the introduction of well-known brands and featured goods to enrich good variety and services, so as to gradually realize the shift from traditional wholesale market to retail department store or shopping center.

In terms of special rectification on illegal construction in the market, the focus will be put on rectifying the atmosphere of “three-in-one” of housing, warehouse and shop formed by market building and prohibiting the building being reconstructed into market. Various kinds of markets opened by changing the use nature of building and the basement, parking lots, etc. opened for operating markets will be punished and restored. Demolish the illegal constructions located in the market and renovate the phenomenon including roadside stall business, roadside good storage, rubbish dumping will be regulated and the illegal behavior violating city management will be strictly punished; hanging materials by roping on roadside buildings, chaotic posting, spraying and writing, illegal outdoor advertising, commercial and shop signs, cloth advertising and road-occupying light boxes, etc. Will be supervised and regulated.


According to reports, in 2015, the district will firstly complete the reconstruction and upgrading of Taihua clothing city, Shangdu clothing city and Wanzi clothing city. And in 2016, the reconstruction and upgrading of Jiulong Square, Xinjinkai clothing city will be completed, in order to realize the relocation of warehousing functions by separating bulk spot goods wholesale trading and logistics operations; continue conducting brand adjustment and raise the proportion of retail formats, gradually realizing the transformation and development of old markets.

From, Jan. 4, 2015


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