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Permanent CITC Passenger Station is Expected to be Built this Year and Completed after Two Years

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Source: Sichuan Traffic radio FM101.7


The reporter learnt recently that the land use right for permanent CITC Passenger Station was auctioned and the Station will be built in about half a year and is expected to be put into use in two years.

On Mar. 31, 2012, the temporary CITC passenger station was put in operation and gradually took over the lines of Hehuachi passenger station. After the Hehuachi station was closed in May, 2012, it was entirely moved into the temporary CITC passenger station. From the day when the temporary station was put into use, the preparation for constructing permanent station have been going and before the Spring Festival in 2015, the construction of permanent station made the latest substantial progress: the completion of relevant procedure for land use right. It is revealed that the plot for permanent station is located on the boundary of Xindu and Tianhui Town, Jinniu District and next to Beixing Avenue. And it is about 1km from temporary station, and the traffic location is more convenient.

The permanent CITC Passenger Station covers an area of about 35mu and 576 buses are expected to be involved in with 176 operating lines and 400 daily shifts, which is designed to carry 10000 passengers every day averagely. According to relevant person in charge from CITC, “comparing with the temporary station, the floor area is just a little larger, but the function will be more complete.” At present, the final design is still in preparation. The permanent passenger station will be invested and constructed based on the standards for national second-level bus station with supporting facilities and equipment. After completion, the station will play a role of main traffic link and transfer for northern town and also will form a comprehensive city traffic hub system of public transport integration with future built intercity railway, subway and city buses, etc.

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