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“Taobao friend circle” in Chengdu International Trade City

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Up to hundreds of thousands of commodity resources, a group of merchants who specially supply for e-commerce companies transformed from traditional wholesaler, a few young college student entrepreneur with various ideas and talented in network, more than 200 photographer teams, 18 express delivery companies, more than a hundred logistics enterprises are gathering in Chengdu International Trade City, an entity wholesale market and an emerging “Taobao friend circle” is gradually formed and growing rapidly.

Second generation of entrepreneur -Xiao
Thinking about transformation beginning as a Taobao seller
Now, the sales of shoes increases tenfold

Xiao Weicheng, who is 28 years old, is the boss of No. 3-22245 store named “Southland dreamer” located in Region 3 of Chengdu International Trade City, also a standard “second generation of entrepreneur”. With more and more e-commerce purchasers and online shopping has gradually got into people’s daily lives, when Xiao graduated, he has determined to change the major customers of their own business into e-commerce companies from secondary or third wholesaler in the past.

“In the beginning, his family disagree with this idea, because they have done in the same way for so many years, a fast transformation will cause risk probably. And what Xiao learnt in college is theoretic without any practical experience.” Xiao said that after repeated consideration, he decided to start as a Taobao seller, using middle-end differentiated products to enter the market.

In the first half of 2013, seizing the opportunity that the market where Xiao’s parents doing business was collectively relocated into Chengdu International Trade City, Xiao proposed the idea of changing a larger shop, which can better meet the demand of products with rapidly updating product design and diversified styles sold online. Meanwhile, due to stable and timely goods supply, the number of customer has increased from dozens to thousands, and about one hundred member companies come to see the goods everyday.”

Today, Xiao can sell nearly 2000 pairs of women’s shoes everyday, which equals to 10 times the sales when his parents was doing business.

Sophisticated old traveler-Su
From no picture to taking picture as soon as the products are launched
She said her goods will be sold overseas

Being different from Xiao’s firm transformation, Su Guixiang, whose shop named “Guixiangzu Shoes” and numbered as 3-22171 near to Xiao’s shop, complete her transformation with suspicion to e-commerce.

However, despite of suspicion, Su didn’t easily give up such an opportunity to “make her business better”.

In the second half of 2013, after more than 6 years during which Su has been doing both traditional wholesale and supply for e-commerce companies, Su decided to give up traditional wholesale and specialize in 3-commerce business. Now, she not only doesn’t mind the customers taking photos when they are purchasing goods, but also require the workers in her two manufacturing factory located in Qingbaijiang District to take photos of every newly launched products and upload them as soon as possible.

When Su were talking about future plans, the reporter couldn’t help “praising” for a sentence of her, “in the past, no matter how well I did my entity shop business, I only can sell shoes all over China, but now by e-commerce, my products can be sold overseas.”

“School in the city-Mr. Zhou”
Practical training doing good to students’ employment
Old merchants+ “young assistant” always makes shocks

Since the second half of last year, Chengdu Polytechnic built “school in City” with Chengdu International Trade City (CITC) and other enterprises, the dean of business logistics came to visit CITC every two or three days.

Zhou Jiang told the reporter that the so-called “school in city” is to build teaching classes, training base, entrepreneur & employment base in CITC, and is also a kind of cooperation system and mechanism and a comprehensive innovative platform for fusion of production and education.

Zhou Jiang said that for the colleges, this project can cultivate applicative talents who can better adapt to the modern enterprises; for the students, this project can improve their professional skills and social competence and they need not to worried about getting in wrong direction for job hunting any more.

Reporter’s notes
“Internet” is the direction
Chengdu International Trade City is to build the largest e-businessman venture base and e-commerce procurement base in western China

At 9 o’clock in the weekend, when the reporter drove to the phase I project of e-business pioneer park which is located in Floor 2, Region 3 of CITC, namely, lady’s shoes online sale region. This region seems not different from other regions of CITC: there are busy merchants, small trailer loaded with goods and purchasers everywhere.

“How to develop traditional business in the case of rapid development of e-commerce is of greatest concern for the whole industry currently.” Yu Li, the Assistant General Manager of Yisha Chengdu International Trade City Co., Ltd., told the reporter that in fact, there is a large cooperation space between traditional wholesale market and e-commerce, and the exsitence of e-commerce provide more choices for developing customers from other places and increasing shipments for the entity wholesaler. “So our target is taking the innovative construction of Internet + traditional market as the focus, finally realize the simultaneous release of online market and offline market and the co-development of e-commerce and traditional transaction, so as to develop CITC as a modernized, informationized and large scale e-businessman venture base and e-commerce procurement base, which is the largest in western China.”


From “Chengdu Daily”, March 30, 2015


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