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14 Old Markets will be relocated and reconstructed this year

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With developing economy and increasingly accelerating urban modernization, the contradiction between traditional economic pattern and city function improvement was highlighted. At the end of last year, our city officially launched ten actions of “Four Reconstruction and Six Governance”. According to the overall deployment, till 2017, the existing 97 old markets located in central city within the 3rd road will be relocated and reconstructed by the manner of “categorization and one policy for one market”.


Three manners for relocation and reconstruction
Three manners for industry transformation and upgrading

The official said, according to the overall deployment (ten actions of “Four Reconstruction and Six Governance”) of municipal Party committee and government to accelerate the construction of a modern internationalized metropolis and promote the city construction, management, transformation and upgrading, in order to promote the relocation, reconstruction, transformation and upgrading of old commodity wholesale markets located in central city within the 3rd Road, our city developed “Special Work Program for Reconstruction of Old Markets” and clearly put forward the point that by government guidance and market operation, strive to implement and complete relocation and reconstruction of 97 old markets located in central city with the 3rd Road by the manner of “categorization and one policy for one market” in about three years from this year, on the basis of closing and relocating 30 markets in the past two years.

“As for the specific ways, the city will respectively adopt three manners for relocation and reconstruction including closing & relocation, reconstruction & upgrading, transformation & development” based on the principle of overall plan & deployment, promotion step by step, linkage of municipality and district, district-based, stable &orderly, controllable risk, etc. and in accordance with operation types of business and software and hardware facilities and other conditions.

“No matter which way was adopted, the final purpose is to carry out relocation and reconstruction of old markets by the most appropriate way, so as to achieve industrial transformation and upgrading”.

Relocation and reconstruction is both an opportunity and a challenge
Specification & regulation and improvement of industry bearing capacity

Reconstruction is both an opportunity and a challenge. The opportunity is the traditional old markets will be provided with more high-end development support. And the challenge is the original brand effect will be weakened by relocation and even some of the merchants may be lost because of location change. Then, how can we expand industry cluster as soon as possible to form new brand effect and help the merchants to meet challenges and seize opportunities?

“As we know, the traditional wholesale market of Chengdu has a long history and large scale and a group of representatives with brands and impacts emerged here. But with continuously accelerating city development pace and continuous development of trade circulation industry, the traditional trading mode of “cash, cash commodity and spot trade” gradually exposed operation malpractice and those markets are also facing problems including fire hazard, old urban form and low-end operation forms and so on.”

“During this reconstruction of old markets, we will continue to adhere to these directions and positioning. Through the implementation of upgrading, realize the concentrated and intensive development of commodity markets and further enhance the regional radiation and driving function of wholesale trade.”

On the one hand, according to the principle of “linkage of municipality and district, district-based, decentralization and cooperation”, carry out regular strong regulation and strict long-term control to the old markets located in central city. Conduct relocation and reconstruction of old markets by regulation and carry out special measures from five directions including traffic order, illegal construction, city appearance and order, fire safety and regulatory system.

On the other hand, accelerate the operation of newly built undertaking markets and supporting facility construction confirmed by the plans for North trade function area and Qingbaijiang concentrated market development area and form livable environment appropriate for industry and business as soon as possible, in order to accelerate the pace of relocation and reconstruction of old markets located in central city.

14 old markets was reconstructed this year
The implementation plan of relevant districts (cities) was determined
According to the schedule, there are 14 old markets to be reconstructed this year, including 9 in Jinniu District, 1 in Chenghua District, 1 in Wuhou District and 3 in Jinjiang District.

In Jinjiang District, in order to change the status of old markets, they set up a work promoting group for the reconstruction of old markets to make research on the old markets in their district and confirm the general strategy for reconstruction, namely, “one part for reconstruction and upgrading and the other for transformation and development”, so as to gradually clear out bulk spot wholesale trading and logistics from the existing old markets located in urban area and realize relocation of warehousing function, reconstruction and upgrading.

In Chenghua District, the 8 markets entrenching in Simaqiao area for several years and 9 freight car parks across Sichuan-Shaanxi Road and Panda Avenue was closed; 5 building material wholesale markets located in Bailian, Qionglong of Bailianchi area, Phoenix Mountain was relocated and demolished; Chengdu Meat Plant was officially closed and demolished fast; the plot of original Simaqiao Fruit Market was basically cleared up; and the B Plot for 512 Building Material Market, which was known as “the first project demolished in North Reconstruction” was officially started. The 8 markets has fully enter into the stage of demolition and upgrading.

In Jinniu District, after the closing of 8 traditional professional markets including North Railway Station Market, Rongbei Market, Fuheqiao snack food market in the last year, the markets closing & relocation work has entered into “deep water zone”.

And in Hongpailou trading area of Wuhou District, Jiufeng Auto City has been demolished and reconstructed. According to the plan, the district will strongly develop modern trading industry, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of scie-tech street of the South People’s Road, basically complete the relocation and reconstruction of old commercial markets including 18 Auto & Auto Parts & Auto Repair markets in Hongpailong trading area, and strive to cultivate three “Tens of Billions Trading Area” including Rennan Technology Business District, Hongpailong trading area and Wuhou New City.

Chief reporter Yin Tingting

From Chengdu Daily, March 30, 2015


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