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Jinniu District Plan to Implement Shutdown, Relocation and Reconstruction of 9 Old Markets this Year

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Explore New Idea of “Upgrading & Transformation” to Accelerate the Pace of Old Market Reconstruction and Relocation

Implementing the strategic plan of “four comprehensiveness”, Chengdu has already struggled to restart on the new starting point of “new normality and grade of one trillion”! On the glorious journey of constructing modernized, internationalized and prosperous Chengdu, Chengdu Municipal Party Committee raised loudly that we will adhere to the one-in-four planning concepts of “shape, type of business, cultural pattern and ecology” and deeply carry out the strategy of “city construction and optimized city” and accelerate the construction of ecological and livable city with both urban views and pastoral views, with mountains and rivers by the solemn attitude of being responsible for urban development and future generations.

Since the launch of “North Reconstruction” project, in order to promote industrial structure adjustment and transformation, by exploring the working principle of easier issue first and district-owned and state-owned markets before the ones invested by society and adopting the manner of “three batches” (a batch to be closed and relocated, a batch to be reconstructed and upgraded and a batch to be transformed and developed ), Jinniu District successively carried out shutdown, relocation, reconstruction and upgrading of 21 traditional commodity markets including Jinfu Steel Logistics Center, District-owned Hehuachi Market, Rongbei Market, North Railway Station, Liangli Steel Logistics Center, Wanguan Hardware Mechanical and Electrical City, among which, many merchants from the original district-owned Hehuachi, Rongbei and other markets have been relocated in Chengdu International Trade City. Here, how did they realize transformation and upgrading?

The first stop: create new market mode
Traditional trade transformation aided by exhibitions and e-business

The relocation and reconstruction of traditional markets not only brings the promotion of urban form, the leap of industry format, improvement of environment and ecology, but also brings humanistic concern to the entrepreneurs living in the city. The clothing market, leather ware, box & shoe market, daily sundries, accessories & crafts market, sewing equipment market, Chinese herbal medicine market and brand ceramic shopping plaza of Chengdu International Trade City, which were put into use, changed the working environment, business modes and strategies of tens of thousands of merchants.

The second stop: create convenient transport
Bring rapid development of e-business

“Chengdu International Tradi City has rich commodity resources and convenient traffic conditions, which is an important foundation for the rapid development of e-business.” said the responsible person of market operator. The advantage of traffic around Chengdu International Trade City is obvious: currently, there are 10 bus lines, including Line 38, 46, 50 and so on, to Chengdu International Trade City, and there are also 175 passenger transport lines of long-distance bus to various secondary cities in Sichuan and Chongqing. According to the plan, Chengdu Metro Line 5 will be arranged to Chengdu International Trade City; in addition, Chengdu International Trade City also owns warehousing area for logistics, distribution and drayage which occupies an area of 70mu. It is only 2.5km from the largest highway logistics center (Xindu Logistics Center) in Chengdu, about 11.5km from the largest railway container logistics center (Qingbaijiang Logistics Center) in Asia and about 35km from the largest airport (Shuangliu International Airport) in western China, which can provide fast and convenient passenger and logistics services by sea, land and air for the domestic and foreign merchants.


Since this year, Jinniu District of Chengdu effectively implement the strategic plan of “Four comprehensiveness” and focus on fight for prosperous district and strong district based on the main path of “one upgrading and two transformation”, so as to strive to make new achievements in new normality. The implementation of traditional professional market relocation and reconstruction, is not only an important part for fighting for industry upgrading, but also the key to win the fight for urban transformation. Jinniu District will actively push the transformation and upgrading of traditional wholesale market located in four main areas including Hehuachi, Jinfu-Liangli into modern shopping malls, in order to clear out vacate more developing space for the high-end industry. Currently, what is the progress of this work? I went to Jinniu Bureau of Commerce for deep investigation.

Action I: program development
The plan for closing and reconstruction of 68 markets was released

At the beginning of this year, in order to accelerate the implementation of overall deployment of “four reconstruction and six governance” made by Chengdu Municipal Party Committee and municipal government, Jinniu District developed Overall working program of ten actions including “four reconstruction and six governance” for urban construction, administration, transformation and upgrading of Jinniu District and set up leading group for the promotion of old market relocation and reconstruction.

Action II: clarify ideas
Implement in four main areas based on local conditions

As for the problems of old markets including large quantities, multiple subjects, complex property rights, many merchants involved, further clarifying working ideas, Jinniu District will make “resource integration, comprehensive policy implementation and promotion by classifications and batches” as the general principle and adhere to “three in one” of government leading, market subject and mass support according to the overall plan for market industry layout. On the basis of development, economy and people’s livelihood, orderly guide the function relocation of warehousing, logistics and wholesale of commodity markets and encourage and support the merchants to operate and develop in market parks determined by plan like Chengdu International Trade City.

Action III: identify methods
Five methods for implementation of relocation and reconstruction

The traditional markets were formed for many years with complex ownership relations and the urban planning & positioning of each market plot are different, so different methods should be adopted for closing, relocation and reconstruction of different markets. “Specifically, we should focus on ‘closing, relocation, reconstruction, transformation and governance’ to spare no efforts to promote the closing, relocation and reconstruction of old markets located in the district.” According to relevant responsible person, on the basis of successful experience gained in the implementation of market closing, adjustment and reconstruction involved in “North Reconstruction” project in recent years, methods of “closing, relocation, reconstruction, transformation and governance” will be adopted for the further market adjustment and reconstruction, so as to ensure timely completion of tasks of “Four reconstruction and six governance”.

Main undertaking area for market closing and relocation
Chengdu International Trade City launched undertaking work

I learnt a set of data from the market operator that as the main undertaking area of market relocation. Upon completion, CITC will accommodate 60,000 retail shops that supply 18 categories, over 1,900 lines and over 430,000 commodities from 51 industries. CITC is anticipated to become the largest and most modern local trade platform, which combines the role of R&D, production, processing, demonstration, business negotiation, trade and e-commerce in regard of general merchandise and has the widest influence on adjacent communities.

Further reading

According to the responsible person of Chengdu International Trade City, since CITC was put into operation, they always adhere to take “Internet+” as one of the strategic choices to promote the change of economic pattern of enterprises and enhance the core competitiveness and always take “Internet+” model innovation as the focus and driving force of construction. Based on the developing strategy of “synchronous development of physical market and virtual market and co-development of e-commerce and traditional trade”, vigorously build the digital mall and wisdom mall of Chengdu International Trade City during the construction of physical market of Chengdu International Trade City.

From Western China Metropolis Daily, Apr. 13, 2015


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