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Hundreds of Merchants Dealing with Textile were Relocated in Chengdu International Trade City together

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Hundreds of Merchants Dealing with Textile were Relocated in Chengdu International Trade City together

“Four reconstruction and six governance” accelerate the elimination of old markets

“If we are not determined to take this step today, it is difficult for the textile industry of Chengdu to break through the bottleneck”“Where we go is where the main force of the industry and market are located”“The transformation of industry can be realized and the business in Chengdu International Trade City will be good if we can work shoulder to shoulder” “We can realize image upgrade, brand upgrade only after we are relocated in new market”......Yesterday is the first day for Chengdu International Trade City to invite merchant to be located in bedding articles area of Region 4. At the registration site, the reporter saw a special industry exchange meeting participated by the hundreds of merchants dealing with bedding articles who just completed registration. They were sitting around and warmly talking about the prospects of old markets and the bottleneck for the development of textile industry being in badly need of breakthrough under the polices including“Six reconstruction and six governance” and “North reconstruction” projects and so on. The merchants encourage each other and be more confident of the spontaneous relocation and upgrading in Chengdu International Trade City.



The first merchant for on-site registration in Chengdu International Trade City (CITC)

The software and hardware supporting facilities of CITC is complete, which are helpful for the merchants to upgrade operation

At about 8 o’clock in the morning, the registration has not begun yet, but the merchants have come to the site from various places and are waiting in a long queue. According to relevant responsible person of CITC, recently, CITC intends to build bedding area with an area of 10,000 square meters and has begun to select merchants among the operation enterprises, manufacturing enterprises and individual business dealing with bedding. The bedding area is located on the 4th floor of Region 4 of CITC. The shops can be customized according to the requirements of merchants. There will be not only main shops with an area of 27-40 square meters, but also large exhibitions with an area of more than 100 square meters. If the region is successfully built, it will be the largest bedding trading area in Chengdu, which can accommodate hundreds of brands. The reporter saw at the site that the system is complete including automatic fire sprinkler, 24-hour security monitoring, central air conditioning, phone & broadband, POS machine access port and so on.

Technical personnel guide the merchants to open online shop
E-business market brings new opportunity for development

Mr. Sun, who has been dealt with bedding wholesale business in West Lane 2, registered a large shop with an area of 150 square meters in CITC and plan to do better business in the new market and further expand the brand manufactured in his own factory.

In the old market, Sun has a shop with an area of only 20 square meters, operating two own brands. Due to the small space, many good products can not be exhibited. And the traffic around the old market is not convenient, so difficult parking and warehousing cannot attract new customer. From this year, his order has been rapidly decreased by 30%. The pressure from environment and operation make him worried, “I will be eliminated if I still seek a way out.”

Earlier in this year, as a member of Sichuan Provincial Textile Association, Mr. Sun and his colleagues began to change their status. In more than 4 months, they visited many professional markets in Sichuan and finally choose Chengdu International Trade City, which is the main undertaking place for relocation of traditional markets in Chengdu. In order to support the development of the merchants dealing with textile, CITC customized a series of supporting policies for them. On the basis of physical stores, there are professionals who can help the merchants to open online shops and youth college students to guide them to carry out application of e-business.

The merchants build the largest bedding area in Chengdu together

Strengthen the promotion by brand exhibition in CITC

“Successfully entering in CITC will be a new landmark of textile industry in Chengdu.” According to Chen Nanfeng, the former president of Sichuan Provincial Textile Association, the upgrading of the merchants will be a new chapter of industry development. Having worked in this industry for more than 20 years, Chen Nanfeng has a unique understanding about operating bedding. According to him, bedding is not only consumer goods, but also health product which affects sleeping quality. With the continuous improvement of living standards, consumers has higher demand for sleeping quality, therefore, the demand for quality of bedding is higher and higher. If the merchants dealing with bedding in Chengdu still operates ordinary products and continue being trapped in old markets without any upgrading, they can not compete with national market and are bound to be eliminated from the market.

Yesterday, Hongdou Group, Hongkong Yinglun, Hongkong Tianlun Home Textile, Menglisi Home Textile, Jinliang Home Textile, Meihong Home Textile, Ouyasi Home Textile, Aishangyoupin Home Textile, Pierre Cardin Home Textile, etc. applied to be settleed in CITC. And the relevant responsible person also said that if the bedding area can be successfully built, it will fully mobilize the purchaser resources from and outside Sichuan owned by the market to make big efforts to promote the bedding area. Meanwhile, Sichuan Provincial Consumer Goods Fair and parallel session of Western Fair and other brand fair held by CITC will be used to further expand the influence and radiation of bedding area of CITC.

(From Chengdu Commercial Daily, April. 15, 2015)


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