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The Station Names of Metro Line 5 are Confirmed and the Name for Chengdu International Trade City (CITC) is “North Trade City”

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The fourth station counted from north to south named “North Trade City” is just the station name for CITC

Apr. 15, according to the reporter from Western China Metropolis Daily, approved by Chengdu Municipal Government, 20 stations along Phase II and Phase III project of Metro Line 3 and 37 stations along Phase I and Phase II project of Metro Line 5, totaling 57 stations were named, among which CITC was named as “North Trade City”.

There are 11 stations along Phase II project (South extension line) of Metro Line 3, which are located in Wuhou District and Shuangliu County. The line starts from Shuangliu South Station and ended at Hongpailou South Station, which is the starting point of Phase I project of Metro Line 3, with the total length of 15.3km. The Phase III project (North extension line) is located in Jinniu District and Xindu District, which starts from Tianhui Town South, the terminal point of Phase I project of Line 3.

The phase I and phase II project of Metro Line 5 are also involved in this metro station naming proposal. This line is from Xiangcheng Avenue in Xindu District in the north to Huilong Road in Tianfu New District in the south, which will be constructed in two phases.

(From Western China Metropolis Daily, Apr. 16, 2015)

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