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Director Yao Yixian asked to build the most standard, the most strict and the most modernized market when he visited Hehuachi Chinese Herbal Medicine Market for investigation

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On May 21st, Yao Yixian, the Secretary of Party Committee and Director of Sichuan Food and Drug Administration (hereinafter referred to as SCFDA), visited Chengdu Hehuachi Chinese Herbal Medicine Market for investigation and examined the rectification of strengthening the quality supervision of Chinese herbal medicine sold in the market. Luo Wenquan, the member of Party Committee and Vice Director of SCFDA, Chen Yong, the inspector of SCFDA and Zhou Wansheng, the Director of Chengdu Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) accompanied Yao to make investigation.


(Fig.: Director Yao Yixian of SCFDA visited Chengdu Hehuachi Chinese Herbal Medicine Market for investigation)

In October of last year, Director Yao Yixian visited Hehuachi Chinese Herbal Medicine for investigation and raised strict requirements of rectification on the problems existed in drug regulation of the market. Coming to Hehuachi Market again, Director Yao asked questions while looking around and learnt the sales, regulation of Chinese herbal medicine and problem rectification from the drug dealers, the personnel from basic-level regulatory departments and market sponsor. When he saw the unqualified product list during spot check published in large electronic display located at conspicuous position made by Jinniu Food and Drug Administration, he required that not only the unqualified product information should be published, but also the unqualified products should be timely removed off from shelves and recalled.

During the investigation discussion, after carefully learning relevant situation report made by CFDA and market sponsor, Director Yao gave full affirmation to the rectification of Chengdu Hehuachi Chinese Herbal Medicine Market and encouraged relevant departments to make efforts together with market sponsor and drug dealers to further adopt powerful measures, so as to build Hehuachi Chinese Herbal Medicine Market as “the most standard, the most strict and the most modernized Chinese herbal medicine market” in China: firstly, consolidate results of rectification and prevent problem rebound; secondly, strengthen responsibility of each party and overall coordination and perfect co-administration mechanism; thirdly, build traceability system to realize drug traceability; fourthly, promote grid administration and build video system to realize whole electronic monitoring of drug sales; fifthly, strengthen examination and timely publish unqualified product information to force the enterprises to operate honestly according to law; sixthly, punish illegal acts according to law and realize normalization of high-pressure regulation.

Vice Director Luo Wenquan and inspector Chen Yong made speech respectively, raising strict requirements on exploring and completing invoice claiming and certificate claiming system, upgrading market regulatory capability, strengthening market environment improvement, building coordination and co-administration mechanism.

Relevant personnel from Jinniu Government, municipal public security bureau, municipal commission of rural affairs, municipal committee of commerce, municipal commission of health and family planning, municipal administration of forestry and gardening, municipal administration of quality and technology supervision, municipal administration for industry and commerce and other departments took part in that discussion.

From provincial food and drug administration, May 21, 2015

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