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Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce organized retired comrades to visit Chengdu International Trade City (CITC)

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In response to the theme activities of “witness strategies for governing and prospering Sichuan and compose new chapter of leaping development of Sichuan” for retired cadres carried out by Veteran Cadres Bureau of Provincial Party Committee, on May 12th, the Office for the affairs of the retired workers of Department of Commerce organized more than 70 retired comrades to visit and investigate CITC, to have the old comrades firsthand feel new achievements of commercial business and talk about new changes in Sichuan’s development.

CITC is a unique trade circulation project included in 50 key construction projects determined by Sichuan Provincial Government, covering an area of 2090mu, with floor area of 5 million square meters and more than 60 thousand shops, which is the largest comprehensive and modernized trading platform with the widest influence in Midwest China.


(Fig.: Old cadres from Provincial Department of Commerce are visiting and investigating Chengdu Hehuachi Chinese Herbal Medicine Market)

In the screening hall located on the first floor of office area of CITC, the staff played wonderful image advertising video for the old cadres and detailedly introduced the planning construction, operation management and other situations of projects owned by CITC, then led the old cadres to visit food trading area and Chinese herbal medicine market. The old cadres looked around while walking, listening and talking. The scientific and reasonable regional layout, standard and unified facade setting, clean and tidy trading environment, unified and normative market management and well-regulated market order of CITC gave deep impression to the old cadres. Especially when the old cadres heard that the Chinese herbal medicine price index published by Chengdu Chinese Herbal Medicine Market had become the wind vane of Chinese herbal medicine price of China, they felt surprised and excited and firsthand felt the great changes made by reform and opening-up policy to commercial business of Sichuan. After hearing that the developing direction and targets of CITC, the old cadres were looking forward for the development of Sichuan commodity market and full of confidence to the development of commercial business of Sichuan.

After the visit and investigation, the old cadres said one after another that they will continue paying attention to and supporting the development of commercial business of Sichuan with full enthusiasm as always, so as to increase positive energy to compose new chapter of commercial development of Sichuan.

From Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, May 21th, 2015


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