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Recruitment & Entrepreneurship Project for College Student Pioneer Park of Chengdu

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Entrepreneurship by “Entity+E-commerce”  Dream sailing from here
During the new graduation season, the number of college graduates in China in 2015 will reach 7.49 million, which is a new high record.
Recently, facing to the society, the College Student Pioneer Park of CITC is publicly recruiting college student entrepreneurship projects to enter into the Park.
In Youth (College Student) Pioneer Park of CITC, there are first-class software and hardware facilities, lighting, ventilation, air-conditioning, fire systems and

elevators, with complete basic modernized information facilities.
How can a college student just went out of campus rapidly go onto the road of entrepreneurship?
People said that the start-ups of entrepreneurship are difficult with high risk, especially for the college students, then, how can the College Student Pioneer Park of

CITC help the college student go onto the road of entrepreneurship?
College students or college graduates (graduating for 5 years, unemployed) can apply for entrepreneurship project subsidies of 10 thousand yuan at Jinniu Employment

Agency if they enter into Youth (College Student) Pioneer Park of CITC for more than 3 months.
In addition, the entrepreneurial college students also can enjoy free entrepreneurial guidance, e-commerce platform opening, POS machine opening, network maintenance

services, professional training, supply and demand information acquisition and other supporting services provided by CITC.
How to get free store?
Conditions for Park entrance
Projects started by full-time students or graduates (graduated from college for no more than 5 years) from junior college, undergraduate college, postgraduate college,

doctoral college and returned students (determined in accordance with relevant provisions of the state).
Entrance procedure
I. Application filing: submit “Application Form for College Student Pioneer Park Entrance”, “Entrepreneurship Project Planning Programme”, ID card, academic

degree certificate and other materials online.
II. Application acceptance: the Pioneer park accepts the application and carry out preliminary examination on the information;
III. Project examination: the Pioneer Park will irregularly organize the qualified entrepreneurial projects to carry out public review, confirm and send Park

Entrance Notification to the applicants (enterprises) who passed the review;
IV. Agreement signing: the Pioneer Park and the qualified entrepreneurial projects sign the Park Entrance Agreement;
V. Official entrance: the entrepreneurial projects officially enter into the Pioneer Park and handle with relevant procedures.
Application methods
From now on, Phase III Youth (College Student) Pioneer Park of CITC and Online Merchant Pioneer Park start to accept the applications and welcome the qualified youth

(college student) to participate actively.
1. Materials to be submitted for application
A. Application Form
B. Copies of ID cards of entrepreneurial team
C. Copies of graduation certificate, academic degree certificate (if you are an undergraduate, submit copies of student’s ID card)
D. Entrepreneurial project planning programme
E. Copy of original business license (if there is)
F. Other certificate or explanatory materials which you think should be submitted
2. Application methods
A. Application through social channel: online application and offline application
B. Unified application at colleges
C. Unified application at authorities
Consultation methods
1. Tel.: 028-83585711  83588951  87508255
2. Contact person: Miss Tang
3. Consultation website:,,;
4. Online consultation:
Wechat account of Pioneer Park: ysccccom
5. Site consultation:
Add.: Chengdu International Trade City, No. 1, Juxia Road, Tianhui Town, Jinniu District, Chengdu
Consultation site 1: Business Invitation Hall, Floor 1, Head office of CITC
Consultation site 2: E-business Cloud Warehouse Logistics Service Base, 2-2-08, Chengdu International Trade City


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