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More than 200 Merchants Dealing with Children Wear from Sichuan Textile Trading Market moved to Chengdu International Trade City

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Everything comes to life again in March. On Mar. 10 (Feb. 2 in Chinese Lunar Calendar), which is a good day called Dragon Heads-raising Day, more than 200 merchants dealing with children wear who moved to CITC from Sichuan Textile Trading Market (STTM) together opened their shops with a new look after intense decoration before and after the Spring Festival.


Various categories & high efficiency

The old customers praised CITC enthusiastically
Although the shops are newly opened, the business is booming. The new shop of Mr. Chen, who is dealing with children wear, is located on the 1st floor of Region 1 Market. It is a few minutes past 10 o'clock in the morning, but there are old customers purchasing goods at Chen's shop. According to Ms. Wu from Chongzhou, she is an old customer of Chen and comes to the new shop to purchase goods after hearing that Chen has moved to CITC from STTM. Unexpectedly, after looking around in CITC, she finds that there are plenty of categories of goods, including not only children wear she is dealing with, but also men & women wear, shoes and luggage & bags. The convenient traffic and free car parking can help raising efficiency and saving labor.

CITC specially locates the merchants dealing with children wear moved from STTM at Sub-region 4 and Sub-region 5 on the 1st floor of Region 1 Market. Their business type is mainly children wear, which is well merged into the 18 categories and 51 industries of CITC, injecting fresh blood to CITC, a new modern trading platform.



Both of software and hardware facilities of CITC are complete

The merchants dealing with children wear move to CITC together
Since the Announcement was released by STTM on Jan. 19, 2016, announcing that STTM would be officially shut down on Mar. 25, 2016. So the merchants dealing with children wear of STTM actively started to make plans for the future business. After several visits, repeated demonstration and communication with relevant departments of CITC, the merchants decided to move to CITC.
Sun Jianwei, who has been dealing with children wear wholesale business, said happily, “The good environment, convenient car parking, convenient logistics, complete facilities & equipment, relatively stable shop rent help us doing business more stably, more permanently and more relievedly here. We have the confidence to do business better!” There are hundreds of escalators and cargo elevators, more than 3000 monitoring camera, 24-hour operating automatic fire alarm system to ensure the property safety of merchants. And tens of thousands of automobiles can be parked simultaneously at underground, ground and roof parking lot. Functions including free WIFI connection, security monitoring, and network business release and trading can also be realized.



All of these make Sun feel this market is much better than the previous market full of dirt and messes. He admitted that he regarded the customer source brought by the large number of people at STTM as important, but there are also large-scale exhibitions, such as “Chengdu Consumer Goods Fair (CCGF),China(Chengdu)- South Asia Commodity Fair (CSACF), etc.” held at CITC, also brought a lot of customer flow and turnover.



Relying on exhibitions, brand gathering and advantages of services

Help with the upgrading of brands
CITC has always attached great importance to the gathering and upgrading of brand commodity and often hosts and undertakes various exhibitions and fairs, such as CCGF, CSACF, etc. which brings new customer source to the merchants; after the relocation of children wear merchants from STTM, the advantages of general agent gathering, brand commodity gathering and exhibition activities of CITC will undoubtedly promote the business upgrading of merchants.

“We have already prepared to work and prosper together with the merchants with first-class hardware facilities, preferential investment policies and service concept of scientific management, so as to achieve the wealth dreams of the merchants and create a new chapter of trading together.“ Mr. Zhu said full of confidence, the Executive Director of CITC.

All of the settled merchants will rely on the “Tianfu Shopping” digital mall of CITC share product demonstration, information release, online chat, electronic order, online transaction, e-payment, supply & demand exchange, credit certification and other services by free one-to-one network shops, in order to achieve all-dimensional seamless matching of physical market and online market and brand strategy change from traditional wholesale relying on quantity to modern trade rely on quality.
The atmosphere of opening dinner is warm

The merchants have the confidence to grow larger and stronger
When the evening fell, more than 400 merchants dealing with children wear from STTM and the leaders and staff from CITC gathered joyfully and held a grand opening dinner. After the dinner was started, Mr. Lin, the General Manager of Branch 1 held the feast and expressed warm welcome and heartfelt congratulations to each settled merchant. Then, the Executive Director of CITC made a speech to express sincere thanks to the merchants chose CITC and introduced the advantages and future development plan of CITC.


Xu Shaozu, the merchant representative from STTM, said excitedly, “from today, our business will enter into a new historical stage. CITC is the core area for trade industry of North trade city planned by the government, and we shall unit together to seek development. With the entire settlement of cowboy children wear, Rongbei & North Railway Station children wear and region 1 children wear of earlier stage, our children wear region will be stronger, which will generate scale effect and have higher popularity and influence!” His remarks won general consent of present merchants.

After that, Yang Qiang, the old merchant representative from Region 1 of CITC, made a speech to share his business story. He dealt with caps for more than 10 years at the old Hehuachi Market and chose to come to CITC for development, that's because he could see the future advantages of big platform of CITC and CITC is one of the 50 key construction projects included in 11th Five-Year Plan of Sichuan Provincial Government, and also the key project confirmed by three level of government including provincial government, municipal government and district government. Both of the software and hardware facilities of CITC are complete, so Yang decisively rent a shop with an area of more than 100 square meters for operation. In order to support the development of the merchants, with the background of Internet+, CITC provide network platform for the merchants to enlarge the operation channel, not only keeping the old customers, but also attracting many new customers. The series of measures strengthened the confidence of merchants to grow larger and stronger, so the merchants continue doing business at CITC firmly.


The atmosphere of dinner grew higher and higher, and Mr. Lin, the General Manager of Branch 1 made concluding remarks. “We will spare no efforts to provide management and services of highest quality for all the merchants, so that the merchants can earn more money and do more booming business at CITC.”


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