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Spanish National Product Pavilion was settled in Chengdu International Trade City

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At 11:30 on June 1, 2018, the signing ceremony of the Spanish National Product Pavilion in Chengdu International Trade City was held in the conference room on the third floor of the Chengdu International Trade City Office. The leaders attending the signing ceremony included Yu Wei, deputy head of the Jinniu District People's Government, Yang Yue, director of the Jinniu District Business Bureau, and Zhang Wenwu, deputy director. The signing parties are: Shou Jianhong, Chairman of Chengdu International Trade City, and Huang Jiangyan, representative of Spanish Chinese business (Shanghai Alcoa Trading Co., Ltd.).



In order to better implement the national “Belt and Road” policy and the guiding ideology of the provincial party committee and the provincial government to vigorously develop South Asia economic and trade, with the support and help of the Jinniu District Government, Chengdu International Trade City has continuously laid out the European trade network to South Asia. Many times, foreign government agencies and chambers of commerce were invited to discuss cooperation and set up a policy of “foreign goods introduction” and “Sichuan goods going ouUnremitting efforts have finally yielded results. Nearly one hundred Spanish Chinese business groups represented by Spanish Chinese Huang Jiangyan have reached an agreement to set up the “Spanish National Commodity Pavilion” in Chengdu International Trade City, becoming the first foreign trade commodity in Jinniu District. Companies and projects that eat crabs.



Yu Lan, deputy head of the Jinniu District People's Government, said: With the deepening of the development of the National Belt and Road, with the gradual advancement of Chengdu's southward development, the Jinniu District commerce and trade industry is gathering in the northern new city centered on Chengdu International Trade City. The future development potential is huge. The establishment of the National Product Pavilion of Spain is the first foreign trade commodity enterprise introduced in Jinniu District. The market is very big and there is much to be done! The government will continue to escort the development of the company, with the Spanish Pavilion as an opportunity to introduce more specialty goods in Europe in the future. At the same time, we will build a bridge for economic and trade development with South Asia, and make the foreign trade in Jinniu bigger and stronger!



Shou Jianhong, the chairman of Chengdu International Trade City, later said: The Trade City is to build a large-scale business platform featuring foreign trade and radiating Europe and South Asia. With the support and help of the government, we are more confident to do this Spanish National Commodity Pavilion. In the future, more and more international pavilions will be opened, and the special products of European countries will be brought to Chengdu and settled in Jinniu!




The representative of Spanish Chinese business, Huang Jiangyan, said: Choosing Chengdu Jinniu District and choosing Chengdu International Trade City is a decision after two years of investigation and deliberation. Our 500,000 Spanish Chinese businessmen are optimistic about Chengdu's development as a national central city. We are optimistic about the economic potential of Jinniu District. We are optimistic about the future of Chengdu International Trade City. The Spanish National Commodities Pavilion will bring Spanish red wine and 97% of the world's olive oil, Hundreds of special products such as the first Spanish ham in Europe are brought to Chengdu!



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